Dinosaur National Monument Video

While the first part of our trip was visiting people and staying in “RV resorts” we’ve tried to mix it up a bit for the next week or so and get off the beaten path.  This kept us in northern Utah away from the heat and crowds of southern Utah’s Bryce and Zion national Parks.  […]

Does Moving HAVE to suck?

It’s been a while. It’s Time. It’s overdue. A Giss Untethered RANT. In my 20

Gig Harbor- by Robyn Mullins Giss

Settle. Nest. Home. Am I being tested….. or am I testing myself? There is a

Hugo. He’s “Prey Motivated” and he “Ain’t no Rocket Scientist”.

What you see is what you get.  Just look at that picture above. He’s lovable,

The Day I Almost Murdered Leona and How She Got Revenge.

Leona. Our faithful 32ft RV That has kept my wife and I, our 3 kids,

Imperfectly Perfect

Imperfectly Perfect The day begins with a perfectly percolated cup of coffee. This has become

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